Al Vangura, MS

Biomechanics, Bioengineering and Product Development Consultant

Expert Witness

Cases involving personal injury occur every day. When you are asked to lead the legal effort, are you asking these questions?

Al Vangura can testify as a biomechanics expert witness regarding these issues and subjects: Biomechanics, Mechanical Engineering, OSHA, Warnings & Labels, Brain Injury, Human Factors, Slip Trip & Fall, Construction, Premises Liability, Safety, Accident Reconstruction, Engineering, Failure Analysis, and Products Liability.

Can a person be injured that way?

What were the proximate cause(s) of the injury?

Could the injury have been prevented?

Was the injury pre-existing?

Was there a defect in design, manufacture, or installation of a device responsible for the injury?

Was a specific weapon used?

Augment litigation preparation

An injury analysis by a Biomechanics Expert can augment your litigation preparation by bridging the gap between the doctor’s diagnosis and the mechanism of injury.

Claim Validity

Injury analysis by a Biomechanist can assist in determining claim validity.

Construction and Industrial Incidents

As a Biomechanical Expert, Mr. Vangura can work with other experts in construction and industrial incidents, product and premises liability incidents, vehicle crashes, sports & recreational incidents, and slips, trips & falls to properly interpret the event.

Information on Biomechanics

Biomechanics consists of bio- meaning living and -mechanics, the classical engineering study of loading. Biomechanics is the science which studies the action of energy and forces on living bodies. Mr. Vangura is a Biomechanics Expert who is proficient at conducting biomechanical injury investigations, describing the mechanism of injury and injury causation, providing technical analysis and presenting it as a Biomechanical Expert Witness during litigation proceedings.


“Mr. Vangura’s report and presentation at trial were excellent… our verdict was directly attributable to Mr. Vangura’s effort in this case [as a slip trip fall expert].”

Area's of Expertise

Biomechanics, Bioengineering and Product Development Consultant

Slips, Trips & Falls
Medical Devices
Sports & Recreation
Playground Safety
Product Liability
Motor Vehicles
Product Design & Development
Mechanical Testing

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